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Employee Spotlight

I joined Keryx for several reasons. I have a chance to be part of a team building a world class commercial organization that is special and unique. The culture is vibrant and I tend to get energy from it. The entire office team is located on a single floor of One Marina Park Drive. You get great synergies and collaboration in this environment. Everyone is focused on supporting patients needs and there is a level of enjoyment and fun. Yes, fun!”

Mark Hazard

Vice President, Head of Quality

Employee Spotlight

My favorite Keryx value is Empowerment. Having the mindset that we can empower the treating community to make a positive change in people’s lives is very rewarding. I also feel empowered by the culture at Keryx where we share ideas and challenge thought processes to grow as an organization.”

Jim Forker

Associate Director, Training and Development

Employee Spotlight

I wanted to join Keryx for the professionalism, the challenge and the fun! My favorite Keryx value is Collaboration. Collaboration is key for our company. With respect, knowledge and compliance in mind, I have been working very closely with our manufacturing partners and cross-functional teams.”

Helen Zhang

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Employee Spotlight

My favorite Keryx value is Innovation. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in some pretty innovative projects including how we could better provide information to the field, functions, and management.”

Jamie Manning

Associate Director, Commercial Systems

Employee Spotlight

A day in the life of my job is one of supportive care, as I try to reduce barriers to access and help everyone in the organization understand the nuances of the payer world. My favorite Keryx value is Collaboration. I believe that information is knowledge and that by working together, and sharing information openly and honestly, there should be a workable solution between my customers and Keryx to the benefit of all parties.”

Tom Johnson

Corporate Account Director

Employee Spotlight

What made me want to join Keryx were the people I met at my interview, the opportunities I would get in the role, and the view.”

Darla Champigny

Corporate Counsel

Employee Spotlight

I really enjoy working with the team at Keryx. I feel like I am a part of something special and we are all driving towards a common goal. The IT team is a great group with the ability to be able to make decisions quickly and drive business value while innovating using modern technologies and approaches.”

Michael Crispin

Vice President, Technology and Digital Operations

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