Our Core Values:

To ensure that all of our colleagues are united in the pursuit of Keryx’s vision and embody the values that will be essential to our success, we have developed the following core values that will help guide us in our growth:

  • Integrity – We always do the right thing and have the utmost respect for our peers and for the patients and healthcare providers we serve.
  • Responsibility – We are a responsible corporate citizen, have a good social conscience, and take individual and collective responsibility for our actions.
  • Innovation — We have built an organization of truly the best and brightest in the industry. We are passionate about patients and bringing innovative therapies to market that improve patient care.
  • Collaboration – We believe that information is knowledge and that by working together, and sharing information openly and honestly, we can efficiently develop the best solutions.
  • Empowerment – We understand that the future of the organization is our collective responsibility, and, as a result, we are empowered to express our opinions and challenge the status quo to ensure the organization makes the best decisions that will add value for our patients, healthcare providers and our investors.